Portfolio Companies

Portfolio Companies

Adverty is a Swedish team of mobile gaming and advertising professionals that are developing a VR/AR-based platform for integrated advertising solutions. The goal of the company is to create a new market for advertising that does not interrupt the user experience but becomes part of it instead. They IPO'd on Nordic Growth Market in 2018. For more information: https://www.adverty.com

Immersal is developing an AR-based infotainment product that enables navigation, matchmaking, and gaming in different environments such as fairs, malls, and stadiums. For businesses, the AR platform provides new and innovative ways to reach customers through marketing communications by utilizing the virtual space of fair centers and other venues. Immersal currently employs eight AR specialists. For more information: http://immersal.com



Grib is the world’s first AR 3D software designed for spatial computing. The multicultural team based in Helsinki is focused on creating a versatile application that minimizes the time taken from design to implementation. Read more: www.grib3d.com

Osgenic is a Helsinki-based company developing VR solutions for surgical training. The goal is to reduce surgical complications and to improve patient safety. Find out more about Osgenic: http://www.osgenic.com
Founded in 2014, Mimerse builds scalable evidence-based mental health treatments using immersive technologies. Mimerse is working with leading universities and hospitals and is the first company to clinically validate an automatic VR treatment for a specific phobia. For more information, visit http://www.mimerse.com.



Pikseli Arcade is the first VR-based entertainment venue in Nordics, where the customers may play games and watch short films with VR headsets. In addition to Pikseli, Virva VR has launched their own software that is designed for managing daily business and various VR content at the arcade. For more information: http://pikseli.fi



MeetinVR is building a VR collaboration software for enterprise. It enables companies to meet and collaborate in virtual spaces where they can present and review products, brainstorm complex ideas and interact naturally, drastically reducing travel and office costs, while maximizing engagement, focus and productivity. For more information: http://meetinvr.net/

Mantisbite is an innovative game studio from Finland, focused on creating the most immersive gaming experiences. The company is currently developing a peculiar VR action-shooter game Bandit Point and working on being at the forefront of XR core gaming industry. For more information: http://mantisbite.com

Flow provides immediate access to meditation’s proven benefits. The Flow mobile app allows for measuring progress in relation to practice, with tracking variables, to encourage engagement. FlowVR is the key to their progressive platform, helping people better manage stress and accelerate personal development via highly effective guided meditation in VR. Read more at https://www.flow.is/

Fictive Reality is using VR and the latest learning science to gamify corporate soft skills training with roleplay. With AI, they make a learning experience that fits every individual and delivers the tailored feedback you need to improve. Training alone or with colleagues, no matter where you are. Read more at https://www.fictivereality.com/

KIT-AR is a fully integrated industrial Augmented Reality system that increases manufacturing productivity. KIT-AR instantly provides all the information needed to assemble and engineer products efficiently, whilst reducing human error by providing quality assurance through context reasoning to maintain correct operating procedures. For more information: www.kit-ar.com

Peili Vision is a Health SaaS start-up from Oulu, Finland, with a vision to help people in rehabilitation. The company has developed a rehabilitation platform that combines the best practices: VR technology, data and gamification. The solution is used in neurological rehabilitation with e.g. Stroke, ADHD and autism patients both in hospitals and in remote therapy. Read more: www.peilivision.fi

Anarky Labs is a forward looking, UX-oriented product design house with strong design and development experience from several industry fields. The first product, HorusAR, will bring professional drone pilots unprecedented situational awareness using world-based data visualization and spatial interfaces with Mixed Reality glasses. Read more here: https://www.anarkylabs.com/

Sense of Space is a startup building tools to give everyone the power to create next-to-reality volumetric storytelling. Creators of Sense XR Studio: the world's first volumetric video content creation tool for AR, VR and Web platforms – developed with creatives in mind. Read more: www.senseofspace.io