Funding, acceleration, support… – Nordic XR Startups is looking at the big picture

After two successful years and two batches of accelerated startups, Nordic XR Startups changed its model in favour of ongoing applications at the beginning of 2019. NXS is constantly looking for great Nordic companies to invest in, while advancing its mission to improve and grow the local ecosystem and its competitiveness.

The first companies of the new operating model came from Finland and Denmark, the Danish team MeetinVR marking the first NXS investment into the country. Do you have an XR company in need of funding? Apply now.

Grib is the world’s first AR 3D software designed for spatial computing. The multicultural team based in Helsinki is focused on creating a versatile and extremely user-friendly application that minimises the time taken from design to implementation. Their aim is to empower anyone to exercise their creativity as enjoyably as possible, through an innovative and intuitive design which virtually removes the learning curve from 3D modeling. For more info:

“XR space is rapidly growing and we are at the verge of seeing the rise of many XR applications to become part of our daily life. We joined NXS because they are the best player in the market with focus on XR supporting early stage companies like us. At Grib, we are building solutions for the future of spatial computing. So, NXS has been our supporter, mentor, promoter, and investor – a smart investor and an additional brain to the company’s management team that sits and thinks with you. Besides the regular meetings, we call them any time we need help and they are very responsive and they follow it up.”, says Pouria Kay, CEO of Grib.

MeetinVR is building a VR collaboration software for enterprise. It enables companies to meet and collaborate in virtual spaces where they can present and review products, brainstorm complex ideas and interact naturally, drastically reducing travel and office costs, while maximising engagement, focus and productivity. For more info:

The CEO of MeetinVR, Cristian Emanuel Anton is excited about the future: “XR will completely revolutionize the way we communicate and work together in the coming years. There are already numerous successful business use cases: from training and education, to product reviews and enterprise collaboration. At MeetinVR we aim to help business collaborate better by enabling them to meet in VR spaces where they can present and review products, brainstorm and prototype new ideas and interact naturally as if truly together in the same space. We are proud to be the newest member of the NXS family as they are extremely knowledgeable in the XR field and can help us push the boundaries of VR collaboration. So far our experience working with NXS has been nothing less than amazing!”

More teams to come, so watch this space. As on previous years, the teams will polish their pitches and products for the big stage at Slush, where NXS will host its own official side event, X Reality Day.

An even broader scope

Of the previous selected companies, eight came from Finland and two from Sweden, so this years changes have been made with a broader Northern European scope in mind. In addition to a more even spread across Scandinavia, NXS has received some applications from pretty exotic places.

NXS received a new Managing Director this year as well, Petri Rajahalme, who comes over from Business Finland. “We are really excited about working with Pouria and Cristian with their respective teams. Two companies at the bleeding edge of XR. We feel both of these founders will benefit greatly from working with us and our mentors, honing their ideas on fundraising, go-to-market, r&d, etc. Times are exciting for XR and I’m looking forward to talking to even more startups and founders in this industry”, says Petri about the future of the market.

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About NXS
Nordic XR Startups is an investor and accelerator program for VR, AR and MR startups companies based in Northern Europe. NXS’s mission is to contribute to and improve the competitiveness of the Nordic XR ecosystem and accelerate the growth of their investment portfolio companies. For investment and support, apply to the ongoing program today.

About NXS owners, gumi Inc.
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About NXS owners, Nordisk Film
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